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As I mentioned earlier, I’m taking the current time to do some minor restructuring of some of the behind-the-scene aspects of Melkim Publishing. Part of this is learning how to automate.

In particular, I’ve learned how to work with MySQL to collect all kinds of stats, which will help me to handle accounting concerns much more quickly and leave more time for composing and other tasks.

As a byproduct, I saw that I can easily compile random stats, and I’d like to share some of them with you today.

Melkim Publishing offers pieces for download, print, religious and non-religious. Some pieces are free and others cost money. Customers from several different states are purchasing and downloading. Which states do you think make up the top three? What pieces are selling the most?

Well, wonder no longer. Our top three bestselling pieces for 2017 in terms of dollars are:

We Three Kings 35%
Ding Dong! Merrily on High 29%
Prelude on “Zacchaeus” 23%

If you include the free downloads and sort by adjusted count (large choir counts as 28 pieces, and mid-size choir as 10 pieces), the top three pieces become (does not include the downloads from my presence at Free LDS Sheet Music):

The First Noel 43%
Where Can I Turn for Peace? 32%
We Three Kings 15%

The top three best-selling states (by dollar) are:

UT 47%
TX 12%
NC 10%

The top three states by count are:

UT 40%
ID 11%
AZ 9%

And finally, to emphasize how hot downloading appears to be right now, here is how “Download” compares to “Print” products.

Product Type By Dollar By Count
Print 20% 3%
Download 80% 97%

Thank you for being a customer, and stay tuned for more pieces of music and details.

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