Paul Anderson: I Know That My Redeemer Lives

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I would like to introduce a newcomer to Melkim Publishing. Paul E. Anderson studied music at Brigham Young University and went on to pursue composition at other universities. After coming across a few of his pieces, I was desirous to add them to our library, and was surprised they hadn’t been published yet.

Here is the first of his pieces to appear at Melkim … a flowing arrangement of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.” You can go ahead and begin listening to it while you continue reading …

This arrangement features the usual melody and also some variation in the middle sections, exploring alternative melodic lines. At the same time, the piano part provides text painting, emphasizing the lyrics, and helping the listener to understand the meaning.

Also, you may notice that the piano seldom (if ever) doubles the melody sung by the soprano. Rather, it plays with the melody … sometimes at thirds, sometimes in contrary motion, sometimes in imitation, and sometimes seemingly doing its own thing while occasionally coming together with the singer. Some parts seem to remind me of Aaron Copland’s music.

Some singers may find this to be a fun challenge. How many solos are out there where the piano has to contain every single note of the melody … almost like a crutch for the singer … sometimes even covering up the singer? Here, a soprano gets to sing on her own — her chance to shine.

Anderson is also careful to provide clear and detailed instructions for the accompanist and provides something that’s a joy to play. Every time you listen or play it, you can always pick out new things you’ve missed before.

Both the piano and soprano parts are of intermediate difficulty. The soprano part ranges from D to high-F and often visits the higher register.

As you practice, enjoy the music, and sing/play with confidence. Make sure to sing lightly and relax the voice in the upper registers. When both performers are confident, it all works together quite nicely. A perfect addition to any church service.

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