Stats From 2019

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Before the year ends, I thought I’d share some stats from 2019 — something I usually do closer to January, but it slipped my mind this year.

Top four sellers from 2019:

We Three Kings 28%
He Who Built the Starry Skies 17%
Ding Dong! Merrily on High 13%
Little Sonata in C 8%

If you include the free downloads and sort by adjusted count (large choir counts as 28 pieces, and mid-size choir as 10 pieces), the top four pieces become:

Where Can I Turn for Peace? 46%
The First Noel 29%
We Three Kings 10%
Ding Dong! Merrily on High 3%

The top five selling states:

UT 34%
MN 15%
ID 8%
MD 8%
NC 8%

And the top five states by count (including free downloads):

UT 30%
ID 17%
AZ 13%
CA 7%
MN 7%

And finally, here are stats by purchase type (print vs. download):

Purchase Type By Dollar By Count
Print 33% 11%
Download 67% 89%

Thanks again for being a great customer! To see these stats from the past, you can check out here: 2018, 2017

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