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Here are some selected stats from 2020 sales. Even though sales were relatively low due to the pandemic, we still have enough data to show what the top sellers have been. This year has also seen a lot more free downloads than usual.

Top four sellers of 2020:

We Three Kings (Men’s choir) 37%
Joseph Smith’s First Prayer (Carter) 29%
A Dawning Light 16%
Prelude on “Zacchaeus” 5%

If you include the free downloads and sort by adjusted count (large choir counts as 28 pieces, and mid-size choir as 10 pieces), the top four pieces become:

Where Can I Turn for Peace? 45%
The First Noel 33%
We Three Kings (Men’s choir) 7%
It Is Well with My Soul 7%

The top five selling states:

UT 17%
NY 15%
NC 11%
WA 11%
GA 10%

And the top five states by count (including free downloads):

UT 26%
ID 17%
WI 12%
TN 8%
WA 4%

And finally, here are stats by purchase type (print vs. download) — more downloads than usual:

Purchase Type By Dollar By Count
Print 14% 5%
Download 86% 95%

Thanks again for being a great customer! To see these stats from the past, you can check out here: 20192018, 2017

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