It Is Well with My Soul

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Are you ready for an epic story–my personal struggles, inspirations, and achievements as I composed and had performed this arrangement of “It Is Well with My Soul”? It’s a long story, but I feel it needs to be told. If you don’t have time to read it now, I suggest finding some time over the next week to come back

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Announcing: Free Previews

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Starting now, Melkim Publishing will start providing free previews by request on all of our choral selections. These previews will allow you to peruse the product before buying. Each preview will also contain a watermark to ensure the copies aren’t used for performances. Why are we doing this? Because the customers have spoken and they want to be able to

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Come, Come, Ye Saints: Choral

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For some reason to be revealed in the next few months, I wanted to do an arrangement of “Come, Come, Ye Saints” (buy). Since there are so many arrangements available, I knew it had to be a piece good enough to warrant its creation. It had to capture the words of the hymn and match the appropriate moods. As such,

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Some Stats From 2017

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As I mentioned earlier, I’m taking the current time to do some minor restructuring of some of the behind-the-scene aspects of Melkim Publishing. Part of this is learning how to automate. In particular, I’ve learned how to work with MySQL to collect all kinds of stats, which will help me to handle accounting concerns much more quickly and leave more

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Non-Christmas Selections

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Currently, most of the sheet music available under the Good Report Music imprint is related to Christmas, but we do have other selections now available, and more coming in the near future. Here is our current complete list of non-Christmas music appropriate for services year-round. The links following each piece will take you to the shop, sound samples on SoundCloud,

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Pardon the Mess

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For the first few months this year, I’m taking a break from putting out new music in order to spend more time going over the business and making a few changes, as announced in the December newsletter. Part of this includes messing around with the website to improve the look and utility. You may see some of these changes in

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Jesus Holy

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Are you looking for a simple Christmas arrangement that can be put together in a couple of practices? If so, you can check out our newest selection “Jesus Holy,” arranged by Geoff Groberg, touched up by Mel Windham, and with additional lyrics by Cherie Call. Many will recognize the tune as “Stars Were Gleaming” from the LDS Children’s Songbook. However,

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Thanks to the Primary Worker

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Decades ago, Eugene Bowes sat up in the stand with the bishopric, witnessing a Primary event, considering the awesome responsibilities of the primary workers who help to teach and guide children every week. He decided to write down words in the white spaces of his weekly bulletin, giving thanks to these previously unsung workers. He then compiled the words into a

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One Year Anniversary!

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One year ago today, Melkim Publishing was launched into the world. It opened 10/24/2016 with 11 Christmas pieces, and now we’re up to 25 items, for a total music runtime of almost 3 hours. It’s been an exciting year starting out, and I’m looking forward to many more adventures and music to put out there. Thank you for your support,

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Melkim Classical is Here!

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Finally! After nine months of preparation, Melkim Classical launches today with six piano collections. You can check out the new Melkim Classical catalog page here to see all six collections with plenty of links to tell you anything you want to know: Melkim Classical Also, everything Melkim Publishing sells is now available for download. Exciting times!