Available for Download: Christmas Choir

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Now, the following Christmas pieces for choir are released for download. This means that all Christmas pieces at Melkim are downloadable. The choir piece downloads introduce a new feature. You can choose from four different ways to buy: Ship: order the number of copies and printed music books will be mailed Download: when you order, indicate how many prints you will

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Showcase: Five Pieces of Time (op. 13)

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Coming in a couple of weeks … I think it comes from my math/science side—my preoccupation with time. These “Five Pieces of Time” (op. 13) is an attempt to capture such abstract concepts in music. Thus, all five pieces have a sense of clockwork—ever alternating notes and accompaniment, as well as overarching melodies on top. Sound samples and a video

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Available for Download: December

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This past week, the following pieces were released for download. Now you can avoid shipping fees, obtain the sheet music immediately and print your own copy. Choose “Download” for the Delivery Type. December: the full collection December: The First Noel December: The Three Kings of Orient Are December: Joy December: The Child December: Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains December:

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Showcase: Repentance

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“Repentance” is the second movement of my piano sonata in progress, called “The Fourth Article of Faith.” Each movement will represent each of the first four principles and ordinances: Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (finished and for sale) Repentance (finished and for sale) Baptism (in planning stages) Gift of the Holy Ghost (a page of notes already exists) This second movement

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Showcase: Four Seasons (op. 19)

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I grew up loving Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and decided that I would do my own short piano version, trying to capture musically the characteristics of each season. These are meant to be played together as a set, but of course may be played as individual standalone pieces. This collection will go on sale the last part of September with the

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Showcase: Prelude on “Zacchaeus”

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The newest piece coming from Good Report Music, “Prelude on Zacchaeus” by Reid Gilliam, represents several firsts for Melkim Publishing. This is the first piece in which the publisher had no part in composing or arranging. It is an experiment to see if Melkim can sell other composer’s works, as one of our goals is to help bring more composers to light.

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Showcase: Five Early Songs (op. 1)

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“Five Early Songs” is one of six piano collections that will go on sale the last part of August with the launch of Melkim Classical. This one is a bit of an experiment to see if any of my early “high school” pieces will sell. Some may find substance lacking in these pieces, while others may love them, as they

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Showcase: Three Little Sonatinas (op. 18)

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The “Three Little Sonatinas” are one of six piano collections that will go on sale the last part of August with the launch of Melkim Classical. This collection gets my humble opus number of 18. Completed in 1990, they were meant to prepare me for composing my first full-fledged sonata (op. 21 — which will also be available in August). As

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Showcase: Why This Trial, Lord?

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“Why This Trial, Lord?” is one of my own personal old-time favorites. It all started back in 2002 when Chad Curtis, our ward choir director, came to me with some powerful lyrics. This was shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attack, which shook the nation. Also during that time Chad was dealing with a life-threatening sickness in his family. Overcome with this

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Showcase: God Be With You Medley

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The “God Be With You” Medley started as a violin solo composed by Catherine Windham (my daughter). She was getting ready to leave on a mission and decided to put together a medley based on three “leaving” hymns. “Lead Kindly Light” reminds us how God guides us through our journeys in life. “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” reminds us

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