Daniel Carter’s Sonata

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Daniel Carter is best known for his hymns and choral music. He penned the sacrament favorite #169 “As Now We Take the Sacrament” as well as the Christmas favorite “Star of Bethlehem (Shine For Me Again).” Just as with other composers, he has plenty of other music that isn’t quite as known, but just as good. Over the past few years,

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Daniel Carter: A Dawning Light

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Let me tell you a story about how I came across Daniel Carter’s cantata on the Restoration: “A Dawning Light.” A few years ago when Daniel left the self-publishing business, he was practically giving away his music in one last fire sale. Not wanting his pieces to disappear unnoticed into the ether, I bought up copies of everything. And now,

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Paul Anderson: I Know That My Redeemer Lives

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I would like to introduce a newcomer to Melkim Publishing. Paul E. Anderson studied music at Brigham Young University and went on to pursue composition at other universities. After coming across a few of his pieces, I was desirous to add them to our library, and was surprised they hadn’t been published yet. Here is the first of his pieces to appear at

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Daniel Carter: Guiding Star

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For this Christmas, Daniel Carter has released two new versions of a popular hymn he composed a few decades ago — perhaps you may recognize the tune. “Guiding Star” is a hymn exploring the star that marked our Savior’s birth. It is now available for SAB Choir and also for Medium Voice Solo. These pieces feature an easy-to-intermediate accompaniment with only small challenges for

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Daniel Carter: Joseph Smith’s First Prayer

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In one year’s time, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s first vision. Daniel Carter’s miniature cantata, a setting of “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer (buy here),” is a perfect addition to any sacrament meeting. It is short, relatively easy to work up, and contains solos for the feel of a full-fledged

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Some Stats From 2018

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2018 was a good year for Melkim Publishing. I thought I’d share some stats like I did for 2017 a year ago. Here are the top four sellers from 2018: It Is Well with My Soul 30% We Three Kings 22% He Who Built the Starry Skies 21% Ding Dong! Merrily on High 13% If you include the free downloads

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Daniel Carter: Silent Night for Voice, Piano, Flute

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Daniel Carter’s recently revamped setting of “Silent Night” for high voice, piano, and flute marks his third Christmas piece to appear here at Melkim Publishing. An earlier version of this appeared in the no-longer available collection “Hymn Duets” published in 2001. A month ago, when Dan asked me what I wanted to publish for our last piece of the year, this one

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Daniel Carter: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

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“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” a piano solo, is the second of Daniel Carter’s pieces of music to appear here at Melkim Publishing. It first appeared 2008 in Daniel’s collection “Hymns for Keyboard Performers II,” which is no longer available, but he has decided to resurrect this piece, and I didn’t hesitate to begin preparing it for publication. It’s a good

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Free Previews: Update

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As of today, free previews are fully available for all choral selections (except for pieces that are already free). This will allow choir directors to preview the choral parts before making a final decision to buy the actual product. Watermarks help to remind that these free copies are not to be used for performances. To obtain a free preview, you can look for

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